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artist statement


I rarely begin a piece with a decisive theme in mind. Gleaning through imagery is a way to center myself & get into a creative, reflective space. There is comfort & nostalgia in browsing through old images & searching for some archetypal image or a guttural response to a found texture or striking color. That response seems more real than the image & thus becomes a catalyst for review.


The process of cutting, tearing, adding or subtracting to these discoveries complicates them and changes their history, making it meaningful & genuine to me. David Foster Wallace stated that “What goes on inside is just too fast and huge and all interconnected for words to do more than barely sketch the outlines of at most one tiny little part of any given instant.” My recent work has been a constructive effort to give some visual form to one tiny little part of the socio-cultural complexity of my marginal viewpoint.

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